How to crochet heart earrings

Crochet Heart Earrings crochet pattern

How to crochet heart earrings

Skill level: Beginner.

Crochet Heart Earrings crochet heart


This pattern uses US stitch abbreviation. For the UK crochet pattern, click here. 

Crochet Materials:

Crochet hook size 3.0

A heart shaped motif to fit into the heart shape (optional)

Crochet yarn between 4-6 ply

Crochet Stitches:

Chains (ch)

Chain space (ch sp)

Slip stitch (sl st)

Single crochet (sc)

Double crochet (dc)

Picot stitch

Crochet Earrings Pattern:

Make 2 identical.

Row 1. Ch 4, turn, 10 dc in 4th ch from hook. Turn.

Row 2. Ch 3, 1 dc in next 4 dc, 2 dc in next dc, 1 dc in next 5 dc. Turn.

Row 3. Ch 3, 2 dc in same st as ch 3, 3 dc in next st, *(3 dc in next dc)x 2, ch 3, sk 1 dc*, repeat between * * 3 times, turn.

Row 4. 1 sc in every sts across, 1 picot in 2nd ch of the 3rd 3-ch sp, turn.

Row 5. 2 sc tog across to end. Continue to crochet across the top of heart with 1 sc in 3 dc sps, 1 sl st in 4th ch from row 1 (middle st) , 1 sc in 3 dc sps, turn.

Row 6. Sl st to sl st row 5, ch 4, sl st in sl st. Fasten off.

Weave in ends with a sewing needle.

Crochet Heart Earrings crochet patternCrochet Heart Earrings crochet pattern

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